Its extremely flexible production set-up and highly qualified personnel have made Conceria Reptilis the benchmark for R&D and the production of highly versatile, precious reptile leathers for use in the leather garments, footwear and leather goods sector.

A blend of quality, craftsmanship and creativity, the Reptilis collections are the result of a creative process inspired by a passion for beauty and for novelty. Fast sample collections, even for small-scale production and customisation of the articles are a sign of Reptilis’ vocation for its work, devoted daily to satisfying its customers.

Famous for the quality of its hand-painted, garment-dyed, stretch, washed, laminate and techno articles the Reptilis tannery produces high quality reptile leathers: Python Reticulatus (Diamant), Python Molurus, Python Curtus, Karung, Crocodile, Lizard, Ayers, Ostrich.